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Those wishing to join the FDNY EMS Retirees Association as a member must complete an application and submit it to the Association.  The application is available in WORD or PDF to the right in the grey box. 

***Reminder:  If the check you give us bounces, you will be required to pay us the bounced check fee which depending on the bank is $15-$25 in addition to the dues!  As a not for profit, we simply cannot absorb these fees.


Membership rates are as follows

  1. Retired Members of Service: Those that retired on Service or Disability:  $30
  2. Friends of the Retirees: Those that resigned from the service $30
  3. Associate Members: Active FDNY EMS workers or Retired Firefighters seeking to support the retired and stay in touch with old friends. $30

Pay Your Dues

IMPORTANT!  ALL NEW members must submit an application to the Association and mailed to the PO Box or emailed. DO NOT JUST PAY THE MEMBERSHIP DUES. 

RENEWALS:  Thank you for making this easier and saving us time and money!

Click here to Pay for a YEARLY Re-curring dues Payment. This program will auto pay your dues for you annually so you don't forget!

Click below for a 2 Year Donation for Dues. $60.00
This is NOT a recurring payment.

Make a One Time Payment of Dues $30.00

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