WTC Monitoring & Treatment Centers

World Trade Center Medical Monitoring & Treatment Centers

There are many health problems you need to be aware of related to the WTC.  As the years pass, we are seeing certain trends; many members are being diagnosed with Lupus or Lupus like diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis, sinus tumors, nodules in lungs or on thyroid, pulmonary fibrosis, GERD, Sarcoidosis, Reactive AOA, asthma, Chronic bronchitis and sinusitis, Throat cancer, PTSD, Sleep apnea, Hypertension, Pulmonary hypertension, esophogitis, seizures, tumors or polyps in throat, brain, kidneys, liver, tonsils, bladder and stomach, leukemia, and lymphomas. 

You need to be vigilant with your health.  Get regular check ups and reach out to us if you have been diagnosed with something new.  You should also be advising the WTC program you are in about ANY new diagnosis or finding.  This is important if they are to track trends and make a connection to your problem and the WTC.  Believe it or not, there are many people with the same thing, even if you are not aware.  This is how we recently made the finding of lupus and rheumatoid incident among WTC rescuers being increased.  We are here to help you, please reach out.

Monitoring & Treatment

What is the difference?

The WTC Programs have 2 components, the Monitoring program and the Treatment program.  Monitoring takes place one every 12-18 months to see how you are doing, discuss new onset of illnesses or symptoms and track what has happened since your last visit.  If this is the first time you have been to monitoring expect it to take a little longer as the technicians need to get as much information as possible.  The treatment program is just that, a program to provide diagnostic testing, medications and treatment for medical and psychological problems.  You go as needed.  Almost all centers offer both.

FDNY Retirees Win Freedom & Choice

As an FDNY retiree, you may have received a letter or call from the FDNY stating that you must come to them for monitoring and treatment.  This is not legal and not correct, and they cannot force you or pressure you to return.  If you wish to have monitoring or treatment at any center on this page you are free to do so.  If you are in the FDNY program and are happy, we are too.  But we want you to know that if you ever wish to change, you have that option.  If you ever have a problem, call us!

In regards to monitoring, we recently won a  fight to prevent you from being forced back to your former employer for monitoring.  The FDNY has no legal basis to do this and it is a disservice to you, the retiree.  So if you receive a letter or call from the FDNY, they will only tell you one side, go to them.  We want you to know you have a choice!  We do not want to see any of you burdened with having to travel back to the FDNY for care, no doctor should think that is rational, but for the FDNY, it is about money.  It is not you that they have in mind. So go forward with knowledge. 

Live outside NY or NJ?

For a center nearest you outside the NY Metro area, anywhere in the US, please call the toll free number 1-888-702-0630 and sign up today.  The national program will get better after legislation is passed.  If you have a problem getting help, please call us.

Centers in the NY/NJ & Long Island Area

The following centers are open for both monitoring and treatment in the NY Metro area:

  • Mount Sinai, I. J. Selikoff Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine
    10 East 101st Street
    New York, NY 10029

    Monitoring & Treatment


  • Bellevue Hospital Center

    New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
     462 First Avenue (at 28th Street)
     2nd floor
     New York, NY 10016

    (Treatment program only, no monitoring)


  • Queens College Center for the Biology of Natural Systems
    163-03 Horace Harding Expressway
    Flushing, NY 11365

    Monitoring & Treatment


  • The Mount Sinai-I.J. Selikoff Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine/Queens Division
    23-34 30th Avenue
    Astoria, NY 11102

Long Island

  • Suffolk County (Islandia off the LIE) —Long Island Occupational and Environmental Health Center, SUNY Stony Brook
    3001 Expressway Drive North
    Islandia, NY 11749


  • Nassau County—Nassau University Medical Center, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division
    2201 Hempstead Turnpike Box 36
    East Meadow, NY 11554


  • The Mount Sinai-I.J. Selikoff Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine/Hudson Valley Division
    St. John’s Riverside Hospital
    967 North Broadway, Level S1
    Yonkers, NY 10701
New Jersey (Piscataway)
  • UMDNJ Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute
    170 Frelinghuysen Road
    Piscataway, NJ 08854

FDNY Facilities

NYC Fire Department: Bureau Health Services. While this program is only for FDNY EMS employees and retirees, you ALSO have the option to seek monitoring & treatment at any of the above centers since we won that freedom in November 2007.
  • For FDNY employees and retirees (retired after December 31, 1996)
  • Those who retired before January 1, 1997 can get treatment at Mt Sinai or the Consortiums listed above. Call 1-888-702-0630 to register.

Outside the New York metropolitan area

  • Exams are available at many clinical centers nationwide. Call 1-888-702-0630 for details.  These centers are not great in numbers but they will hopefully increase with need.  So go, even if it is just for monitoring.  Also, ask if they will provide for transportation if needed.





Centers in NY & USA

If you are sure you are not suffering from a 9/11 related illness (depression, PTSD, asthma, skin irritations & dermatitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, then please register at the toll free number to get your annual monitoring exam.