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Medical Studies                Fatality Study

New WTC Related Studies and Guidelines

There are many studies available for you to read and share with your doctor.  Below, we provide 2, one by the FDNY and the other by Mt Sinai.  NYC DOH has also published a "guideline" to WTC illnesses.  Please know this document is outdated and very limited in scope.  Please provide copies to your doctor or give them this link.  If they have any question about an illness they think is related, please have them contact us for assistance. For other studies in regards to specific medical conditions, please see the private bulletin board.  We are updating that as often as we come across studies that  may connect your illness to WTC.  We have members telling us about a new diagnosis all the time and that their Doctor cannot make a connection to WTC.  Contact us to see if we can help you make that connection. We have been working with many physicians that can advise of the trends in the present data.

FDNY 6 Year Study            NYC DOH Clinical Guidelines            Mt Sinai 5 Year Study         

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More Studies

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