10-13 for Toni Ann Batiancela EMT-P

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10-13 for Toni Ann Batiancela EMT-P

Postby ray simons on Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:27 am

10-13 For Paramedic Toni Ann Batiancela. NYC's Best Helping The Best
Sunday May 22- 6pm -1am

Location Charlie Bullfrogs
316 Jericho Turnpike
Floral Park, NY


Created By 10-13 Fundraiser for Toni Ann Batiancela. NYC's Best Helping The Best


More Info Toni Ann is a 24 year veteran of NYC* EMS and FDNY*EMS. Anyone who knows her well, knows she is a kind, wonderful person.She is always upbeat and optimistic (except when she's mad..LOL),is just plain dam funny and a pleasure to be around.

Before her career started with NYC*EMS back in 1987, Toni was a US Marine! (bet ya didn't know that :D ) So she has served her country, as well as serving countless NYers in need. After 24 yea...rs of assisting thousands of New Yorkers, and dedicating her life to helping others, now she herself has a Priority 1 Emergency. Toni Ann has been battling Breast Cancer for several months. Just when she thought she was out of the woods, it has spread to her liver. She has already gone through radical extensive surgery, and heavy Chemo, but with this latest set back, her battle goes on.

SHE HAS EXHAUSTED ALL OF HER TIME. Many of you have been kind enough to donate time, which has helped of course, but that TIME RUNS OUT MAY 14th. We need to do more. ONCE SHE GOES OFF PAYROLL, HEALTH BENEFITS CEASE IN 90 DAYS! Needless to say the effect this will have on her health, and the financial effects will be devastating. She is already dealing with enough stress from fighting this illness. Lets all come together as an EMS family to help one of our own in her time of need. This really is a TRUE EMERGENCY. PLEASE MAKE A LEAVE DONATION TODAY!

Everyone knows EMS just LOVES to party, especially after a night of F*&^%$ up jobs, political nonsense, and Station drama! So come out on May 22nd and party for a good cause..Let's show Toni Ann, and remind each other that we are, and always will be : NYC's Best-The Best Helping The Best!
Members of : City, Private, Hospital EMS systems, NYPD, FD, Civilians, Military, and ALL welcome. SEND THIS 10 -13 EVENT PAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!

In Solidarity and Friendship,
Alana Lella LT/ Paramedic FDNY*EMS- Retired

COST: $45.00 includes open bar (excluding shots, Pick your 4 hours of drink options) OR $10 donation, and buy your own drinks..

Raffle and 50/50

If you can make a donation in the form of leave, please see your Station Lt,Capt. or immediate supervisor.

If just 20% of the service donated ONE day each, she could theoretically remain on payroll, and in turn retain her health benefits for one year! Although cash donations are always appreciated, TIME/ LEAVE is MORE IMPORTANT!

If you cannot attend the fundraiser but would still like to make a financial donation,you can donate directly to the 50, or contact me for the address to send your donation by mail:

Alana Lella
boo462@aol.com Email
917-327-5121 Mobile
FB Pages: Lain Lella
10-13 for Toni Ann Batiancela. NYC's Best Helping the BestSee More
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